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NameTitleE-mail/TelResearch   Direction
LIU SongqinProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
SUN BaiwangProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
XIONG RengenProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
SUN YuemingProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   of Physics and Chemistry
QIAN YingProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Chemistry
YOU YumengProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
LEI LixuProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
QI ZhengjianProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Fluorescent Probes
Biochemical Analysis Functional polymerOLED
FU GuodongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
XIE YibingProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Nanoarray Materials for Applications of New Energy Storage (Supercapacitor,   Li-ion battery, Power battery), Micro/Nano-sensor, Nano-Photocatalysis,   Ultrasensitive Detection, Environmental Purification, etc.
FU DaweiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
ZHANG WenProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   molecular materials
ZHANG YiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
ZHAO HongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
LOU YongbingProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
NI HenmeiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
ZHU HaibinProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
YE QiongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
WANG YuqiaoProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Photoelectrochemisrt and Device Integration
JIANG WeiAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master   research focuses on the synthesis of novel organic electronic materials for   highly efficient solution processed organic light-emitting devices.
CHEN JinxiProfessor, Supervisor   of master 13400057846MOFs   and their composites/derivatives: fabrication and catalytic applications
DAI YunqianAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
LI YingAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master,   analytical chemistry and functional nanomaterials
KONG FanAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
MA QuanhongAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
ZHENG YingpingAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master candidatesypz_99@163.comNew energy materials
LIU AnranLecturer, Supervisor   of master
LUO Yang-HuiLecturer, Supervisor   of master   MOF nanosheets; HOF; Crystal Engineering
ZHOU ShaohongAssociate

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