Division of work


Zhou Jiancheng

entirely   responsible for school administration; specific duties including discipline   construction, personnel administration, affairs of scientific researchfinancial system, school office, alumni and   so on

Party Secretary

Jiang Bo

entirely   responsible for the work of party within the school; specific duties   including organization, anti-corruption, propaganda, united front, labor   union, security, retirement, public security, school website and so on

Associate Dean

Yang Hong

recruitment and   training of graduate students, including on-job engineering graduate students

Associate Dean

Liu Songqin

undergraduate   teaching, including further education

Associate Party   Secretary and Associate Dean

Lu Juan

administration   of students

Department   Director

Sun Baiwang

in charge of   Chemistry Department

Department   Director

Zhang Yiwei

in charge of   Chemical Engineering Department

Department   Director

Jiang Yong

in charge of   Chemical Biology and Pharmaceutical Engineering Department

Assistant to   Associate Dean

Sun Yu

assistant to   Associate Dean Liu Songqin

Assistant to   Associate Dean

Li Min

assistant to   Associate Dean Yang Hong

Assistant to   Associate Dean

Zhou Yiheng

assistant to   Associate Dean Yang Hong

Assistant to   Associate Dean

Li Xixi,Chen Jia

assistant to   Associate Party Secretary Lu Juan


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