Chemical Engineering

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NameTitleE-mail/TelResearch   Direction
ZHANG YiweiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
ZHOU JianchengProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
ZHOU YumingProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   chemistry
WU DongfangProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
XIAO GuominProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
YANG HongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Chemistry and Physics, Liquid Crystalline Materials, Functional Polymeric   Materials, Polymer Synthesis Methodology, Organic Synthesis.
LIN BaopingProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
LUO PeichengProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
ZHANG JiuyangProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
JI YuanhuiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
WANG MingliangProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
GUO LingxiangProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral candidatesglxseu@163.comFunctional   Polymer Materials
HUANG KaiAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of doctoral
HE ManAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
WU MinProfessor,   Supervisor of master
JIAO ZhenAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master   chemical process; Nanotechnology; Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation
PAN XiaomeiAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
REN LiliAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of doctoral   materials; 2.Heterogeneous catalysis and controlled synthesis of the   catalysts
SHEN BinAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
JIANG LijianAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
SHENG XiaoliAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master   catalyst;ionic liquids;acidic catalysis;mesoporous-macroporous structure
SUN YingAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
WANG ZuoxiangAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
WEI RuipingAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master   of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Biomass Energy
GE YuhuaAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
YAO QingzhaoAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
ZOU JianzhongAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
GAO LijingAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
LI NaixuLecturer, Supervisor   of master
ZHANG JinAssociate
ZHANG XueqinAssociate
Liquid   Crystal Materials; Functional Polymer Materials

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