Chemical Biology and Pharmaceutical Engineering

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NameTitleE-mail/TelResearch   Direction
GOU ShaohuaProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Chemistry
DING ShounianProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral   Chemistry; Nanomaterials;Electrochemistry
ZHANG YuanjianProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
Functional   Carbon-Rich Materials for Molecular Sensing
JIANG YongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
LI XinsongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
LIAO ZhixinProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
WANG YihongProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
WANG ZhifeiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
WEI WeiProfessor,   Supervisor of doctoral
CHENG LinAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of doctoral,asymmetric   catalysis;2,energy storage materials;3,pharmaceutical chemistry
CAI JinAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
CHEN FeihongAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master   Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry
CHEN JunqingAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
FANG LeiAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
ZHONG YanAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
ZOU ZhihongAssociate Professor,   Supervisor of master
ZHAO JianLecturer, Supervisor   of master

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