The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering was once one of the most important schools and departments of the former National Central University. The Department of Chemistry was first established in 1920, followed by the establishment of the Department of Chemical Engineering eight years later. In 1958, by merging the Department of Chemical Engineering and some other related education resources, Nanjing College of Chemical Engineering (now known as Nanjing Tech University) was formed. Later on, due to the demands of further academic development, SEU restored the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 1988 and established the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in 2006. In 1979, our School started the recruit of chemistry faculty for undergraduate education as well as the enrollment of Fine Chemical Industryof junior college degree. The enrollment of undergraduates majoring in Chemical Engineering and technology begins from 1990, and Pharmaceutical Engineering from 1999. In 2004, our school took the lead in implementing the unified undergraduate enrollment of “ChemicalEngineering and Pharmaceutical Engineering” in SEU.

The School now consists of Department of Chemistry, Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemical Biology and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chemical Laboratory Center and Analytical Testing Center, Institute of Fine Chemicals, Institute of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Ordered Matter Science Research Center, SEU-Haichang Research and Development Center, etc. The School has onePh.D. programin first-class discipline (Chemical Engineering), two master’s programs in first-class discipline (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering), Center for Post-Doctoral Studies, also offers Ph.D. Program and Master program in second-class discipline for Material Physics and Chemistry. Meanwhile, Applied Chemistry is included in the 12th Five-Tear Plan Key Disciplines in Jiangsu Province. The School has successfullydeclared“New Material and Application”as one of Jiangsu Province's Advantageous Disciplines in cooperation with other relevant schools and departmentsin SEU. The discipline of Chemistry ranks No.365 in ESI, entering 1% of the whole list.

The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering has 110 faculty members, including 87 full-time teaching & research personnel (41 Professors and 31 Assistant Professors) and 69 graduate supervisors (including 40 PhD supervisors). 97% of the full-time faculty own a doctoral degree. Among them, there isone Cheung Kong Scholar, two obtainers of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, two obtainers of National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars, two young experts from Central Organization Department, six winners of Education Ministry's New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan, four experts who engaged in Jiangsu 333 Project, seven “Six Peak Talent”. In the last three years, the School has annually spent 25 million on scientific research, applied for 70 invention patents and published 343 SCI papers, the quantity and quality of which has ranked high for several years in SEU. In 2013 and 2017, the School published two articles as the first author and first communication institution in the topinternational academic publications: Science, ranking first in SEU.

The School now has 264 undergraduate students, 438 master students and 148 PhD students. Besides completing their studies, undergraduates also actively participate in extracurricular research and achieve fruitful outcomes. Four undergraduate students of 2014 including Pan Qiang(first author) published academic articles in the top internationalpublication in the field of Chemistry: Journal of the AmericanChemical Society (2017, 139(11): 3954-3957), which was widely praised by the university and society.


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