The Department of Chemistry was first established in 1920 and was restored in 1988. In order to meet the needs of discipline construction and the development of Southeast University, the Department of Chemistry relies on the two first-level disciplines of doctors and masters of Chemistry and Chemicals, focusing on the hotspots of basic research in chemical science, aiming at the frontiers of the discipline and national needs. The main research aspects for doctoral and master's enrollment directions including: a) Inorganic Chemistry; b) Analytic Chemistry; c) Organic Chemistry; d) Physical Chemistry; e) Polymer Chemistry and Physics; f) Chemical Biology. And has a chemistry undergraduate enrollment major.

By now, our department has 26 faculty members, including 19 professors (18 doctoral supervisors), 3 associate professors and 4 lecturers. Among them, 1 Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars, 2 National Outstanding Youth Fund winners, 1 Young Scholar of Changjiang Scholars, 1 Youth Thousand Talents winners, 2 National Excellent Youth Fund Winners, and 1 Young 973 Chief. Our department has established 3 provincial-level R&D and talent training platforms as well as 5 provincial-level enterprise graduate workstations. Our department focusing on independent innovation, leading the development of high-end technology, and promoting the formation of innovative chemical science.

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